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Diabetes--The Silent Killer

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By Susan M. Callahan, Associate Editor and  Featured Columnist

Most of us know by now that excess sugar and
carbohydrates can trigger production of insulin leading
to diabetes.  
Diabetes has become the stealth killer
among industrialized societies ---greater access to
plentiful food and sedentary desk-bound lifestyles have
expanded our bank accounts and, sadly, our waistlines.

Today, it's hard to get away from the mantra to exercise,
exercise, exercise.  Stay up late any night in America,
Europe, Australia or South America and you will be
bombarded by informercials touting the benefits of
various contractions designed to whip -- or even
electrocute --you into shape.

But the fact remains that the mantras, the sermons, the
deluge of information about diabetes has done little to
stem the growing steep trend upward in the disease's

I think what we all may need are not words but pictures.
Pictures of the rotted, gangrenous limbs of diabetic
patients, of the scars left by kidney transplants needed
when diabetes destroys the kidneys function, and
pictures of the sticky blood trying to ooze through
clogged arteries. Pictures of the blind walking with white
canes.  Young blind. Old blind. All of these conditions are
the direct result of diabetes.

Diabetes Type II-- the type caused by nutrient-poor,
starchy diets and sedentary lifestyles --is the plague of
our generation. But unlike past plagues, this one has
causes which are completely understood. The plague is
thus completely preventable.

We just need to move more and eat low-glycemic foods.
Eat greens, proteins and

I think the problem with the way we think of diabetes is
that it has become a word we have grown too
comfortable saying.  It rolls off the tongue.

I propose a new word for diabetes. Let's call this killer
what it is. Let's call it Death-abetes.

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