Vegeterian Diets
--Let Me Count
The Ways

There are several types of

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat
plant foods, milk, milk
products and eggs, but
avoid flesh foods (meat,
poultry and fish).
Lacto-vegetarians eat
plant foods, milk and milk
products, but avoid eggs
and flesh foods.
Ovo-vegetarians eat plant
foods and eggs, but avoid
milk, milk products and
flesh foods.
Pesco/pollo-vegetarians eat
meats like seafood and
chicken, but do not eat other
meats, such as beef, lamb, and
Total vegetarians, also
called vegans, eat plant
foods only.

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by Susan M. Callahan

Like most Americans, I have lost 10
pounds at least 20 times in my life. Up
and down, up and down. I was a classic
yo-yo-er before I decided to get off the

I can't tell you truthfully that there was
one moment where everything turned
around for me. I just know that, over
time, I grew tired of being tired. I grew
tired of making excuses for myself. I
grew tired of being out of shape.

The choice I made was to start.

Here are two facts. Two out of every
three Americans is currently on a diet.
Fact 2, two out of every three Americans
is either overweight or obese. One third
of Americans are obese.

Put these two facts together and you
may come up with some sober

Either our diets don't work; Or

We don't work our diets.

Neither conclusion is any reason to give
up. Research has shown that it's better
for our health to have, as the saying
goes, tried and tried again, than to never
to have tried at all.

Use diets, and plans, as resources for
your personal diet journey, not as
be-all-and-end-all solutions in a bottle.

Take what works and don't despair
about the rest.

Take inspiration from your failures as
well as your sometimes successes.

Borrow mentors from TV, from websites,
from magazines, anywhere you can.

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TODAY'S FEATURED                 


One head of red cabbage
One yellow onion
One apple
Two hard boiled eggs (For Ovo Vegeterians)
Olive Oil
Walnuts, 1/4 cup
Dried Cranberries or Raisins
(Your selection of Fish or Chicken

1. Chop the head of cabbage, sautee with
olive oil and 1/4 water until wilted
2. Dice the onion, carmelize in olive oil
3. Dice the apple
4. Dice the hard boiled egg
5. Prepare the fish or chicken, steamed with
a teaspoon of olive oil

Mix the cooked cabbage with the diced
apple, carmelized onion, cranberries(or
raisins) and walnuts. Add fish or chicken on

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