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CollectiveWizdom.com started on September 25,2007. We have a simple purpose --- to be
a trusted place on the web where people who are serious about their keeping their bodies
and their brains healthy turn to for interesting and helpful news, accurate information and
Since our start, we have supported by a growing community of loyal readers.
Our Facebook community now numbers over 20,000,  and we have been quoted and
linked to by universities and schools.

Our Mission

Collectivewizdom's focus is to provide research-based natural health information that is
accessible and accurate. We aim to be the leading trusted source for natural health and
wellness information. Our core mission is to raise awareness of non-pharmaceutical
approaches to management of disease, including chronic diseases and conditions such as
auto-immune diseases, diabetes, arthritis and obesity.

Who We Are

Chair, Editorial Board: Our Editorial Board Chair is Maria Rivera. Ms. Rivera is a graduate
of Adelphi University and holds a M.P.H., Masters in Public Health degree. She is a former
Vice President of Health Practice Ventures, Inc and a 20-year veteran of medical
accreditation in New York. Members of our Editorial Board, which includes US-licensed
physicians, Registered Nurses and Certified fitness professionals , review the health and
fitness articles that appear on our site.

Managing Editor: Our Managing Editor is Anita J. Lee. The founder of CollectiveWizdom,
LLC, Anita is a graduate of Harvard University, with extensive experience in web
development and management. She is the author of several books published by Barron's
Educational Series and a past member of the Writers Guild of America. In 2006, Anita's
mother died after a long struggle with heart disease and diabetes. "My mother was a
remarkable woman, full of life, the kind of person who organized neighborhood clean-up
drives and created park events for children to keep them busy in the summers. When she
became ill, she took it as another challenge.  Applying her characteristic vigor, she
eventually served as a patient member of the Board of Kansas Medical Center.  Her  death
is what motivated me to launch Collectivewizdom, to provide practical information that
women -- and men --can use to own their health".  

Anita leads our site, sets our strategic direction and manages our writers and technical
staff.  She is responsible for the content and function of the site. Her goal for
Collectivewizdom is "
to make this site the most trusted source of natural health
information on the web

Medical Editor: Our Senior Medical Editor is Dr. James Jones. Dr. Jones is a Board-certified
physician in Internal Medicine in Washington , with over 29 years of practice. Dr. Jones'
particular focus is on preventive medicine and aging.  Since 2005, he has made multiple
trips to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa to help  to improve the health care of those
most vulnerable in those developing countries.  An avid biker, Dr. Jones is married and the
father of two children and three grandchildren.

Fitness Editor: Our Senior Fitness Editor is Daniela Melton, who has been a Certified
Personal Trainer, A.C.E.,  for over 14 years.  Daniela is an American who was born in
Germany and has lived and trained clients in California and internationally.  Her motivation
is simple: "
I love the smile on the face of a person when they reach their goals or
surpass them. Fitness is a great confidence builder, they realize they are capable of all
that seemed impossible at first and much, much more


Articles on Collectivewizdom are written by graduate-level researchers and professional
writers.  Our content is reviewed for accuracy prior to publication by our Editorial Board,
which is co-chaired by Maria Rivera, M.P.H , and is modified and updated as need be to
maintain accuracy.

Unless otherwise noted, our contributors are not health professionals. The information on
our site is intended to complement, and not substitute for medical advice, which should in
all cases be sought from your medical professional. Our site is intended to be used by the
general public.

We give you links in our articles to the original sources or provide identifying information
about the educational or medical research we use.  Our Editorial team is responsible for
selecting and editing the content of the health information on our site.

last modified: August
4, 2016

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Disclaimer : All information on www.collectivewizdom.com is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. For
specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, please consult your doctor.  
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