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September 1, 2009, Last Updated February 28, 2011

By Steve Greenfield, Money Editor

Working from home has become something of the holy grail of jobs.
In a chronically uncertain jobs environment worldwide, people are
taking their fates in their own hands and finding jobs that let them
have a life and work too. Where are the companies that let you work
from home? Is there a list of work at home jobs that is actually
legitimate? We've found the answer is "yes".

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

The advantages of working from home are numerous. You better
integrate your work and family life. Often, you can save on
babysitting and childcare, because you can keep an eye out for the
kids while you work. And then there's the massive psychological
comfort of being in your own space that you control while you toil

The disadvantages to working from home are just as numerous. First,
many companies will not cover any part of your health care insurance
if you work from home. If you injure yourself while working for
them, you're pretty much on your own. One of the main
disadvantages stems also from one of those seeming advantages --
you're too accessible to your family!  Since you're right there at
home, it will be tempting for your spouse or mate to not respect your
work boundaries.  Got extra groceries to shop for --get Mikey to do
it, he's just sitting around at home. Need an errand run? Give it to
Mike--after all, he;'s handy at home. You get the picture. A
thousand-and-one things will find a way to intrude on your sacred
work hours if you're at home.

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At To get started, simply register, create a profile
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Latest Listings

Companies That Let You Work as At Home Call Center Agents

Alpine Access: A call center company that uses home-based customer
service representatives to handle calls for a variety of companies,

Arise This company matches you with open positions in sales,
technical support and customer service.

West At Home

Mystery Shopper Services

Corporate Research and International Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Guests Inc.

Service Intelligence Experience Exchange

Auction On Line Businesses


Mom's Guide To Earning and Saving Thousands on the Internet, by
Barb Webb (stay at home mom tells you how she built a successful
auction business on ebay). Available Through or

Make Money Blogging
. Convergys: Hires home-based agents to serve as customer service,
technical assistance or sales agents for clients.

. Liveops: Customer service calls for a variety of major corporations
are routed through this center and answered by people who work
from home.

. Staffcentrix: Finds virtual assistants who perform a variety of
administrative and other business tasks from their home for CEOs
and other clients.

. VirtuServe: A call center that hires home agents for various services,
such as telemarketing, help desk support and survey research.

. VIPdesk: Home-based concierge and customer service agents are
hired to work with various companies.

. West Corporation: Finds customer service agents based out of their
homes for a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, retail and
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