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Top 7 Government Programs to Help You
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July 19, 2011

By Michael Chang, Contributing Columnist

5. State Small Business Credit Inititative (SSBCI) -

One of the biggest issues with starting your own small business is
obtaining the initial funding needed to jumpstart operations.

As a part of the Small Business Jobs Acts of 2010 that President Obama signed
into law in 2010, the State Small Business Credit Initiative allocate up to $15
billion in lending to small business projects. Participating states must use these
new funds to create new or improve local state small business lending
programs, including collateral support or loan guarantee programs. (Their
website is )

With this boost in funding for small business lending, individuals
looking for the investment needed to start up their business will be
able to implement their business ideas.

Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOP)

The young men and women who have dedicated a few years of their
lives serving the nation in combat overseas can seek additional
entrepreneurial development services among the Veterans Business
Outreach Centers ( . At these locations, they can
request for services including, but not limited to, business training,
workshops, and counseling and mentoring services. It can be difficult
to plan out your ultimate business plan, but with these centers
catered to veterans, you can attend a variety of workshops to get
you on the right track. Pre-business plan workshops, business plan
preparations, entrepreneurial training and counseling are among
some of issues touched upon by this Veterans outreach program.

United States Export Assistance Centers

Even if you have your own small business, there are many facets of
owning a business that you may lack experience and knowledge in. If
you are looking to expand your business into the global economic
arena, it might seem daunting. However, it may be easier than you
think. Especially with technology, moving into international business
can be much more feasible than it appears. This program offers small
business owners with the help needed to take their business to that
next step.

Each U.S. Export Assistance Center ( hires a staff
of U.S. Department of Commerce, Small Business Administration, the
US Export-Import Bank and other professionals that assist you with
what you need to compete in the global marketplaces. Located
throughout major metropolitan areas throughout the nation, these
centers offers budding entrepreneurs and blooming small businesses
the opportunities to grow and develop.

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