10 Reasons You Should Be Glad He's
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by Sarah Ott

So, he's leaving. Or he's left.  And now you are facing the
silence in the apartment.  You're wondering what in the
world you're going to do now.  You can't see past your
tears. He was your whole world.  

But there is good news. There are good reasons to be glad
that he's gone.

Here are Ten Reasons You Should Be Glad He's Gone:   

1. Time to Take Care of You.  Any man who leaves you
physically leaves you emotionally first. His body may have
been there for those last months. But his spirit was already
out the door. So, you've actually been alone for a while.
Being alone,  feeling alone, and emotionally abandoned is
hard.  He knew all the answers but he probably didn't let
you in on it until the last moment. So, on top of feeling
abandoned, you probably also feel stupid.  While you were
busy worrying about him leaving, you were not spending
anytime taking care of yourself. Give yourself that time

2.  Dead Horses Can't Get You There. The old adage that
what is meant for you will be yours is true. Hanging on to a
man who doesn't want to be  there is like trying to ride a
dead horse. It doesn't work.  

3. Throw His Baggage Out Too. After you let him go, you
can let his baggage go too. Did he have an annoying
Mother who thought of you as her "daughter". Or friends
you only pretended to like. Good news. Throw them out
too. You have no obligation to keep up relationships that
were tied to your ex. The same goes for all his kids from
previous relationships.  

4. Stolen Space.  Your ex  took up space that was meant to
be filled by someone better. When you spend time with
someone who can't love you back, you're just blocking the
universe's power to usher in someone who can.   

5. Power up Old Friendships. Many women neglect their old
friendships once they are in a relationship with a man.  You
may have friends who need a call back, a dinner out. If
your ex dominated your time, start sharing your time and
yourself again.  

6. Makeover Time. Did he make you feel guilty about trying
new looks? Try out a new hairdo, some new clothes.
Change your style up. Put some sass back in your class.  
While you're at it, makeover your living space too. Paint the
walls-get rid of his favorite color--buy flowers for your
dining room table. Celebrate reclaiming yourself and your

7. Start Moving. Sad fact, ladies, but studies have shown
that women gain weight when they are in long-term
relationships. So, now that he's gone, get in shape again.
Start a sensible diet and exercise program as a treat to

8. Take a Class. Take that class you've always wanted to
take. Want to be a chef? Take a class at a local community
or public college. You've got more time now.

9. Review The Life Lesson. People enter our lives to teach
us things. Sometimes, we learn the lesson so well we never
have to repeat the class. Take time to review what
attracted to him in the first place. Take the time to own
your part of the reason for the break-up, no matter how

10.  Ready, Set, Go.  After a while, and I mean a good
while, start to explore meeting someone else. Join a book
discussion group. Volunteer at the local hospital.  Take a
ballroom dancing class. You are bound to meet some one
more interesting than the one who just did you the favor of

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