Vegeterian Diets
--Let Me Count
The Ways

There are several types of

Lacto-ovo-vegetarians eat
plant foods, milk, milk
products and eggs, but
avoid flesh foods (meat,
poultry and fish).
Lacto-vegetarians eat
plant foods, milk and milk
products, but avoid eggs
and flesh foods.
Ovo-vegetarians eat plant
foods and eggs, but avoid
milk, milk products and
flesh foods.
Pesco/pollo-vegetarians eat
meats like seafood and
chicken, but do not eat other
meats, such as beef, lamb, and
Total vegetarians, also
called vegans, eat plant
foods only.

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Sugar Content of Common Foods

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Summary of the Web's Best Sources on the Sugar
Content of Common Foods

How much sugar should you consume each day?  Most experts
recommend that the average person limit the amount of sugar you
consume each day to no more than 10 teaspoons.

Sugar is not a food technically, as we have written about in other
articles on this website (see
Sugar-The Disease Connection).

So, we at CollectiveWizdom go a bit further and say that you should
try to eliminate all sources of table sugar and added sugars from your
diet.  This is especially important for those of you who are already
diabetic or have metabolic syndrome.

Directory of  the Sugar Content of Common Foods.   

This is  an
Alphabetical List of the Sugar Content of  over 2,000
Common Foods
and Fast Foods   based upon the most recent data.  The
amount of sugar is given in grams.  To convert to teaspoons, just
divide the grams by 4.

"Added Sugar" Contents of Common Foods.  

What are "added sugars"?   Technically, "sugar" only refers to a
compound called "sucrose". Sucrose can have various forms. It can be
white and granulated (this is common table sugar), brown and
granulated (brown sugar), powdered and white or maple.

But there are other sweet substances which are like sugar and which
also raise our blood sugar levels.  Many of these appear as added
ingredients on the labels of common foods and are responsible,
together with table sugar, for the epidemic rise in Type II diabetes
around the world.  For example, the "sugar" that makes carbonated
sodas sweet is not table sugar but is High Fructose Corn Syrup,
technically a fructose.  Regardless of their names, they all raise your
blood sugar and contribute to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and

Here is a list:

-Sugar (sucrose), brown, white, granulated, powdered, maple
-Monosaccharides and Disaccharides- fructose, lactose, maltose,
glucose (dextrose)

- Single Ingredient Syrups- light corn, dark corn, high fructose corn,
maple, malt, sorghum.  



-Brown rice syrup, raw sugar, liquid sucrose, invert sugar

-Fruit Juice Concentrates

Other Links

Several websites have partial lists of the sugar content of common
foods. Some of these are based on old data, so we have indicated the
date of the original source of the data where possible

Percentage of Sugar In Common Foods, compiled by Karl Loren, based
upon 1979 data.

List of Sugar In Common Foods, compiled by The Crafty Women's
Recipe Book. Only 12 foods are listed, last updated May 2007

Sugar Content of Popular Foods, 14 foods listed, based upon 1999 data

TODAY'S FEATURED                 


One head of red cabbage
One yellow onion
One apple
Two hard boiled eggs (For Ovo Vegeterians)
Olive Oil
Walnuts, 1/4 cup
Dried Cranberries or Raisins
(Your selection of Fish or Chicken

1. Chop the head of cabbage, sautee with
olive oil and 1/4 water until wilted
2. Dice the onion, carmelize in olive oil
3. Dice the apple
4. Dice the hard boiled egg
5. Prepare the fish or chicken, steamed with
a teaspoon of olive oil

Mix the cooked cabbage with the diced
apple, carmelized onion, cranberries(or
raisins) and walnuts. Add fish or chicken on

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