Men Who Eat Red Meat Have 20% Higher
Risk of Death from Heart Disease and
(Women Have a 50% Higher Death Rate--2009 National Study)
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March 23, 2009, last updated April 19, 2014
By Susan M. Callahan, Health Editor and Featured Columnist

As you try to decide what to eat for lunch today at work or
for dinner after you get home, and you start to reach for
the usual ground beef or steak--- think again.  Red meat is
dangerous to your health. In a study released today, March
23, 2009, researchers have found that people who eat red
meat have a greater than 20% increased risk of dying from
heart disease and cancer. In the largest
study  of its kind,  
researchers with the National Cancer Institute and other
organizations, reviewed the histories of over 545,000
Americans over the age of 50 for a 10-year period.

Those who ate the most red meat and processed meats
were at the greatest risk for dying from cardiovascular
disease and colon cancer.  Overall men had a 27% higher
death rate from heart disease.

But women face an even more serious threat to their health
if they eat red meat.
Women who ate the most red meat
had a 50% higher death rate from heart disease.

Red meat in the study included bacon, beef, cold cuts, ham,
hamburger, hot dogs, liver, pork, sausage, steak, and
meats in foods such as pizza, chili, lasagna, and stew.  
White meat included poultry (chicken and  turkey), fish,
poultry cold cuts, chicken mixtures, canned tuna, low-fat
sausages and low-fat hot dogs made from poultry.
Processed meat included bacon, red meat sausage, poultry
sausage, luncheon meats (red and white meat), cold cuts
(red and white meat), ham, regular hot dogs and low-fat
hot dogs made from poultry.

Men who ate the most red meat daily --about the  
equivalent of a quarter pound hamburger-- had a 27 %
higher risk of dying from heart disease than the men who
ate the least red meat, about 6 ounces a week.  The biggest
red meat eaters also had a 22  % higher risk of dying from

Women who ate the equivalent of a quarter-pound
hamburger every day had a 50 percent higher risk of dying
from heart disease and a 20% higher risk of dying from

The biggest news, therefore, is that women run a far
greater risk than men if they eat too much red meat. They
have a whopping 50% higher death rate from heart
disease than women who eat only 5 ounces of red meat a
week.  (
Read more about why you should  eat fish. )

The study's findings were published in the Archives of
Internal Medicine.

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