Radishes Can Lower Blood
pressure by 50 Points in Weeks

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May 31, 2018

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Radishes are not among the favorite vegetables here in the
US. "Radish is a crop that’s been on a 10-year slide. The
volume is going down every year,” according to Rick Roth
of Roth Farms in Florida. “It’s a cultural thing.”

“It’s a crop a lot of people gave up eating. Forty or 50
years ago, it was one of the few crops you put in a salad
that was red. It’s easy for a family garden. Now you have
other choices,” Roth said.

But if radishes have declined in popularity in the US, that's
not the case in other parts of the world. In France, for
example, you will find that radishes are eaten about as
often as we eat apples.  Radishes are a regular part of the
French diet. It may be a coincidence but the French are also
among the healthiest and longest-living people on Earth.
Could radishes be a part of the explanation for this
paradox?  New evidence suggest the answer is yes.

Radishes, it turns out, are powerful allies against
hypertension. Hypertension is key to longevity because it
feeds into three of the early killers -- heart disease, stroke
and diabetes. In studies on why some people live longer
than others, scientists have learned that the trick is to
simply avoid developing one of the early killers before you
reach age 70. Doing so significantly improves your chances
of reaching age 90 or higher.

Radishes Lower Your Blood Pressure by Almost 50 Points

Radishes, especially their leaves, are rich in ethyl acetate.
Eating readish leaves for three weeks could lower your
systolic blood pressure dramatically, by as much as 50

In 2012, scientists from Kookmin University and Dankook
University in South Korea studied the effects of radish leaf
consumption on lab rats. The rats were divided into groups
given different amounts of radish leaves, from zero mg to
30 to 90 mg/kg, depending on their body weight.

The rats chosen were spontaneously hypertensive with an
average systolic blood pressure at the start of the
experiment of 214 mmHG in the largest rats.   

For three weeks, they were then given radish leaves to
supplement their diet.  Blood pressure levels trended
downward immediately. By the end of the third week, the
lab rats had an average systolic blood pressure of 166
mmHG, a drop of 48 points.

How Much Radish Leaf Would You Have to Eat to get These

Whenever you read about a study such as this one on lab
animals, the immediate question becomes, "does this apply
equally to us humans?"

The answer is always unclear unless and until the
experiment is repeated on humans.

In any event, you would have to eat the equivalent of 90
mg per kilogram of your body weight to equal the amount
used in the experiment. That means that if you weigh 70
kilograms (154 pounds), you would need to eat 6300 mg
(6.3 grams) of radish leaves per day.  By comparison, I cup
of cooked spinach is 30 grams (30,000 mg) and by
extrapolation, 6300 mg of radish leaves would be about
1/5 of a cup.

Why Aren't There More Studies on Radish Leaf Powerful
Ability to Lower Blood Pressure?

We are a hypertensive nation. One of every three adults
(77 million people) have high blood pressure, according to
the American Heart Association. Moreover, an alarming
do not have their high blood pressure under control.

By 2030, these already terrible percentages of people with
high blood pressure are projected to increase by an
additional 7.2%, which means that 40% of us will have

Hypertension increases your risk for stroke, heart disease
and diabetes. So why, given the critical need for
hypertension treatments without the side effects many
prescription drugs bring, aren't there more studies on
radishes ability to lower high blood pressure?

The short answer appears to be " it doesn't pay". There is
not as much pay-off in promoting radishes as there is in
promoting the latest pharmaceutical hypertension

Radishes don't have a huge lobbying force in Washington.
Radishes can't be pushed by pharmacy reps to doctors to
encourage them to prescribe them to their unsuspecting

Radishes won't make many people pushing them rich. But
they will help your blood pressure. And isn't that supposed
to count for something?

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