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Olive Oil --Drink Up and Live Longer
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By Susan Callahan, Health Editor and Featured Columnist
February 15, 2008, last updated February 18, 2015

Recently, a little old lady strolled into the identity registry
office in Israel.  She wanted a new identity card to replace
the one she had lost.  The clerk gave her a form to fill out.
When the clerk examined the answers the old lady had
filled in, the office erupted.

The woman had listed her age as 120 years.  Mariam amda
Amash, an Arab-Turk living in Israel, was born in Turkey in
1888. She has 10 children, 120, grandchildren, 250 great
grandchildren, and 10 great-great grandchildren.

Her secret? How did she live to be 120 years old?

Olive oil. She drinks one glass of olive oil each day. In
addition to downing a glass of olive oil, she also
walks each day. (Read more about how walking, especially
walking fast, increases your lifespan.)

Olive oil has been linked to increased longevity. As a 2007
research study from the University of Athens Medical
School in Greece noted:  

Several lines of evidence point to olive oil and the olive
oil-centered Mediterranean diet as conducive to longevity.
The evidence stems from ecological, as well as analytic
epidemiological studies assessing olive oil,
monounsaturated lipids or the Mediterranean dietary
pattern in relation to the incidence of, or mortality from,
major common diseases, or overall mortality.

Olive oil has been shown in numerous studies to reduce the
level of inflammation in the body.
Inflammation is the
secret link between many seemingly unrelated diseases
such as cancer and heart disease. Some substances such as
sugar, increase inflammation, and some such as olive oil,
decrease it.

Olive oil is also extremely rich in antioxidants, the
phytochemical  compounds which prevent the kind of
aging that turns apples brown.


Olive oil consumption has been linked with a decreased risk
of developing rheumatoid arthritis. In 1999, scientists from
several schools, including  the University of Athens Medical
School and the Harvard Medical School examined the health
records of 145 Greek people.

They discovered that those who ate more cooked
vegetables and those who included the most olive oil in
their diets were the least likely to have rheumatoid
arthritis.  (Read more about
foods that help fight arthritis
inflammation and pain.]

Can't get used to the idea of drinking a glass of olive oil
each day? The same benefits can be obtained if you use
olive oil in your salad dressings.

Or maybe make an olive oil mayonnaise instead of store
bought mayo made with saturated fat.

Try cooking with olive oil instead of vegetable oil.
Fortunately, there are numerous flavors of olive oil on the
market --you're bound to find one that pleases your palate.

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