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My Heart Attack Felt Like Nausea-
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By Marcy W., Contributing Reader

"At the age of 49 ( I had turned 49 the 2nd day of October); on the
Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 1993; going to work about 6:45
A.M.; I was deathly sick to my stomach. Trying to vomit, sweating

My husband, who was driving, told me that he was taking me back
home; I had no business driving as sick as I was ( Yes, ladies, I
was a truck driver). I remember rolling my head to look at him and
told him to take me to the ER. Why, to this day, remains a mystery.

To make a long story short, I was having a heart attack. The doctor
on duty at the ER; I feel; saved my life. He told my husband that he
had no doubt but I was having an MI. He administered a clot buster
shot. The day after Thanksgiving, I had balloon surgery. I had 2
blockages in the right coronary artery.

Girls, have I learned a lot since then.

The studies that said to take an aspirin a day; none had any women
in them.

The studies that said vitamin C helped prevent heart attacks; no

The studies that said vitamin E helped prevent heart attacks; no

In short, no women were in any of the studies; and the fact that
heart disease was the #1 killer of women was overlooked.

The studies said that the female hormones helped protect women
from heart disease; now we know better.

In short; Ladies, listen to your body, you know it better than

Oh, yes; the day before my MI; I had seen my family doctor for a
weird pain in my throat. He said he didn't think it was my heart. "

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