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About the Money Section:

When I began to work at home 8 years ago, I faced a lot
of trepidation. After all, working at home had always been
a dream. I wanted more time with my wife and kids. I
wanted to live at least a part of my life doing something I
truly loved --writing, and I wanted the freedom to get up
in the morning with a sense that I was more than just a
wage slave or an anonymous cog in someone else's
machine.  Since I has kids to support, I couldn't quit my
day job without a plan. After all, kids need food. So, I used
the little spare time I had to build a stealth Escape Plan. I
worked my Rolodex for contacts from back in the days at
college when I wrote for the school newspaper. I called
around, I scoured the want ads. I scoured the internet
ads. Nothing much at first. But then, I got a call from a
friend saying they had seen a website which had articles on health but
none on finance. Bingo! I thought, I can do that. And so I

Now I work from home running the Finance Pages of

My goal is to make these pages a trusted place for people
who, like me, just want a reasonable way to make a
reasonable amount of money. I will work hard to weed out
the scam offers before they hit these pages.  

As for your part, please send these pages any tips you
learn about jobs at home, so that our community can
benefit from them.  A job you turn down may be wrong for
you (or you for them) but perfect for someone else.

Thanks for helping. And, happy hunting!

Steve Greenfield

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