Milk --- Health Dangers from
Drinking Cow's Milk
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Last updated February 4, 2017 (originally published March 22, 2009)

By Natalia Real, Contributing Columnist

Were you ever suspicious of cow milk? Really --- how much
evolutionary sense can it make for one species to require
the milk of another to sustain a healthy diet? Humor aside,
there is substantial debate in the medical community over
the proper role of milk in a health-conscious diet. Should
we feed our children cow's milk? Should adults drink cow's
milk under any circumstances?

The Case Against Cow's Milk

A lot of troublesome chronic health conditions in humans
are caused by cow milk, the most frequent food allergen,
according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and

The litany of cow milk allergy (unlike lactose intolerance)
symptoms are mainly gastrointestinal  and respiratory.

The stomach and intestinal problems linked to drinking
cow's milk inlcude vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, allergic
colitis, oesophagitis, gastroesophageal reflux (GER), loose
stools with blood or mucus, abdominal cramps.

The respiratory and skin problems which have been linked
to cow's milk include hives, acne, rash, atopic dermatitis,
coughing or wheezing, runny nose,  and respiratory distress

A British study found that 93% of children diagnosed with
cow milk allergy experienced asthma and/or rhinitis when
milk was included in their diet.


For children who suffer from milk allergies, the only good
news is that about half of them will grow out of it. A 2012
study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics followed 293 infants aged 3
months to 15 months who had been diagnosed with milk or
egg allergies.  After 5 years, 52% of these children no
longer had the allergies.  

But for the unlucky other half of children and all the adults
who have milk allergies, drinking milk can cause serious
health problems.]

Milk allergies can even cause anaphylaxis—a life-threatening
condition characterized by a constriction of airways that
blocks breathing, shock and severe blood pressure drop,
rapid pulse, and dizziness, lightheadedness or loss of

Allergy symptoms appear a few minutes to a few hours
after ingestion, although sometimes they can take days to
show up. Conversely, lactose intolerance is not immune
system-related; this condition’s symptoms revolve around
digestive problems, such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

If you suffer from
arthritis, take notice -- most arthritic
symptoms are in fact allergic reactions.

Dairy products are the most common allergen. Go without
milk, cheese, yogurt, goat milk, cream, and so on for a few
months and see if you feel a difference. The changes can be

Simply cutting out dairy from one’s diet has rid myriad
people of arthritis. Norwegian research has found that
switching to a strict vegetarian (vegan) diet (including
cutting out dairy and eggs) lessened arthritis in 90% of the
subjects in their study. If I could lock my grandparents up
in a vegan commune and get them to give up the myriad
unhealthy foods that have driven my grandfather to a
bypass surgery, I’m sure they’d both have less trouble
moving around. Whenever I mention it they threaten to
disown me, though.


On the other hand, a 2014 study from Harvard Medical
School of 2.148 people found that those who drink milk
suffer less from knee arthritis.]

As the only treatment for milk allergy is to avoid it, make it
a habit to check the labels in everything that you buy to
make sure you won’t be following your dinner with a
sleepless night locked in the bathroom. Steer clear of foods
such as nougat, vegetable cheeses with casein, certain
cakes and mixes, donuts, some salad dressings and
sherbets, etc. Make your new mantra “check the label.”
You might spend longer at the supermarket at first, but it
will truly be an investment—think of the discomfort and
embarrassment you’ll spare yourself by avoiding flatulence,
bloating, and so on.

Who would’ve thought something so basic to the American
diet could be so harmful? It’s no coincidence that
Westerners suffer from so many ailments that Easterners
do not—our food choices are at times simply disastrous.
Cow milk consumption has also been linked to ailments
ranging from acne to prostate cancer.

Fortunately, tasty and nutritious alternatives abound. They
include soy (with more calcium than cow milk!), oat, rice,
coconut (watch the fat content), and almond “milks.” All of
these plant-based foods lack the unhealthy cholesterol,
saturated fat, sodium, and other pernicious features
common to cow milk. And don’t worry about the calcium
factor—plant foods have plenty. Chuck the dairy from your
diet and you can successfully meet your requirements via
almonds, tofu, spinach, turnip greens, peas, sesame seeds,
okra, sardines, broccoli, beans, and many other foods. A
varied diet is key, and vitamin supplements, unless you are
allergic, are always a great idea.

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