How to Get a Brand New Immune System
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August 7, 2015

By Louise Carr, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

It’s easy to take your immune system for granted. On any
regular day this extensive network of cells, tissues and
organs does an amazing job of defending your body
against the microorganisms that cause disease. It’s only
when your immune system fails that you notice its power. A
germ gets through the defenses and you fall sick. Maybe
you’re always sick with
colds, or the flu, or you suffer from
auto-immune system disease like Type 1 diabetes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could swap a failing immune
system for a brand new one? Science says you can,
through modifying your diet, your food intake, and your
stress levels.

But while the idea of getting a brand new immune system is
enticing, other experts sound a note of caution. Because
the immune system is a complex web of interrelated
entities, it requires balance and harmony in order to
function well.

These intricate harmonies are still a mystery. Scientists still
don’t know exactly how lifestyle and natural remedies can
boost your immune system. Does exercise help or hinder
the immune system? How about fasting? Are you taking the
right vitamins?

Benefits of an Improved Immune System

When your immune system is functioning well you are less
likely to fall victim to the microorganisms that make a
person sick. A strong immune system seems to relate to
fewer colds and flus, and less problems with diseases
caused by lowered immunity. But if you think the benefits
end there, think again.

A Brand New Immune System Could Boost Your Brain

In 2015 scientists discovered a link between the brain and
the immune system that was previously unknown, and
could explain why people in poor general health tend to
suffer more from brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and

Researchers from the University of Virginia discovered
blood vessels just beneath the skull that link the two
systems. The findings provide more evidence to a growing
set of data that suggests mental health and your immune
system are closely connected.

Therefore if you renew your immune system you could be
at a lower risk of depression, and dementia. But can you
really get yourself a new immune system?

Fasting Renews Your Immune System

Scientists say that fasting just two to four days at a time
can trigger the complete regeneration of your immune

A 2014 study from the University of Southern California
shows how prolonged cycles of fasting trigger the stem cell
regeneration of new immune system cells and sweep away
older, damaged cells, resulting in a “new” immune system.
Scientists believe this is particularly valuable for fighting off
the toxic effects on the immune system of chemotherapy

Of course, fasting, to be healthy, must be done under a
doctor's supervision. But a generally safe approach is to
eat a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fruit such as an apple
early in the day, drink at least 8 glasses of water during the
day and take a multivitamin. This type of modified fast
should only be maintained for two days at a time before
you return to your normal eating patterns.

An Immune System Transplant? It's Possible...

According to a 2012 study from Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center, patients with Crohn’s disease can be
given a new immune system which will cure serious cases
of the condition.

In the treatment, patients with Crohn's disease are given
bone marrow cells from a matching donor that replaces the
diseased immune system with a new, healthy system.
Research is still ongoing but it seems that this use for bone
marrow transplantation could successfully remove the
disease in people who could not previously be cured.

Natural Remedies for a New Immune System

You may not be undergoing chemotherapy or suffering
from Crohn’s disease, but you do get every cold going and
you constantly feel under the weather. Before you think
about reaching for a bottle of the latest immune-boosting
natural remedy, think again. It is tempting to believe the
claims of the makers of natural supplements but attempting
to boost the cells of the immune system with one herb or
natural remedy is difficult because there are so many cells
that respond to different microorganisms in different ways.

For example, garlic, Echinacea, aloe vera, ginger, ginseng,
and probiotics have all been tested for their abilities to
prevent certain diseases and help the body fight off
infection. Through the hundreds of trials taking place there
is still no consensus on exactly how or why these remedies
could help renew the immune system. However, links have
been identified between certain lifestyles and activities and
a healthier immune system.

What About Diet for a New Immune System?

Diet is one such lifestyle factor that makes a big difference
to the health of the immune system. We know that people
who are malnourished are more vulnerable to infectious
Moreover, certain foods have shown some
promise as immune system boosters. In particular,
tea has been linked with increased production of white
blood cells

But, again, there is no consensus on the exact link between
nutrition and the immune system, or how specific foods
help renew the system or harm it. It is clear that a healthy
body requires a healthy balanced diet, whether or not it will
bring you a new immune system.

Making sure you get the complete sweep of nutrients and
vitamins is more important than taking a mega-dose of a
supplement that claims to give you immune system defense.

Having Sex Provides an Immune System Boost?

When it comes to a new immune system, there are certain
activities that can give you a boost. According to a 1999
study from Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, having sex
once or twice a week boosts your immune system.

The researchers measured levels of immunoglobulin A
(IgA), an antigen, in the participants' saliva. People who
enjoyed one or two sexual encounters a week had a 30 per
cent increase in the antigen.

But easy does it.  T
hose having sex three times a week or
more actually had lower IgA levels than people who had no

Cardio for a Damaged Immune System

Similarly, if you are overdoing it in the gym you could be
causing your immune system more harm than good. A 2007
study from the National Yang Ming University School of
Medicine in Taiwan showed that intense endurance exercise
– activity at 85 percent of your maximum effort for 30
minutes –destroyed white blood cells, disrupted the
immune system, and actually triggered inflammation in the

Better for your immune system are low to moderate
intensity exercises such as

If you want a new immune system, look after the one you
have by taking regular, low-level exercise and lowering
your stress levels. Boost your overall body health with a
diet of natural, vitamin-packed foods, and get enough
sleep. These approaches, more than anything, will help
your immune system stay fighting fit.

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Walking and other low to moderate
intensity exercise boost your immune
system, while high intensity exercise
actually weakens it