How Did Kate Winslet Lose Weight?
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April 19, 2012

By Alison Turner, Contributing Columnist

We've loved her Kate Winslet since  Leonardo DiCaprio encircled
her waist on the bow of the Titanic.  Kate Winslet, it seems, can
do everything. She can do Shakespeare, she can do Jane
Austen, and of course she can play the irrepressible Rose of
Titanic fame. But Kate Winslet may be as famous for her
struggles with weight as she is for her brilliant acting.

Curvaceous Kate has always stood in sharp contrast with other
increasingly emaciated Hollywood actresses --to her credit.  
Now newly trim, Kate recently joked joked that she is thinner
now in her thirties than she was as a young girl in Titanic but
that  Leonardo "he's fatter now".  How did she do it?  How has
Kate Winslet gone from the girl nicknamed “Blubber” when she
was a teenager, to the beloved and full figured Rose in Titanic,
to her leaner, current, gorgeous self. And, maybe more
remarkably,how in the world did she do this at the age of 36
and after giving birth to two children?

For better or for worse, Kate Winslet’s weight and figure has
been devoured by the media.  With the "stick-thin" criteria for
most actresses to make it onto the big screen, Kate Winslet’s
success as the full-figured Rose in Titanic came as a breath of
fresh, perhaps psychologically healthier, air. She proved that
women can grace the big screen, and have a healthy, “average”
sized body.  

Though it’s hard for many of us to believe, Winslet blew the
world away in Titanic more than ten years ago. And while she is
just as gorgeous and talented as ever, she faces the same battle
as most women her age. The bad news for a lot of us, is that
our metabolism peaks in our 20's  as we lose muscle mass and
gain fat.  

This means that, as we age, it becomes increasingly harder to
keep off extra pounds, which is part of the reason why the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 60%  
of U.S. adult women are overweight.  Moreover, across the
pond,  the BBC reported in 2011 that almost 25% of women in
the UK are obese,  and The Lancet states that the average body
mass index (
BMI) OF Canadian women has risen to 26.7 in
2008  (a BMI over 25 is considered overweight).  

So, weight gain amongst women is a natural part of aging that
even stars like Kate Winslet must face.

What Can We Do About Natural Weight Gain?

Kate Winslet may be one of the best sources of inspiration for
women approaching their 30s or 40s; as Kate ages she gets
thinner, despite the odds against her.  

Check out the following list of 10 “dos” and “don’t” that have
been tested by Kate Winslet (and that are backed up by current
research), and that have allowed Kate to keep her body in top
form and, most importantly, her self-esteem just as healthy,
despite the oceans of media attention that focuses on her shape:

The Revenge of Blubber! Bullies May Help Us Gain Weight
 When Kate was a teenager she was “nearly 14 stone”  
(about 196 pounds) and her darling little British classmates
cursed her with the nick name “Blubber.”  Nobody loves a bully
(though we all must get used to them even after we grow up),
but it turns out that Winslet’s ruthless classmates may have
done her a favor.  

Research from various universities in the U.S. suggests that
experiencing “obesity stigmatization” may actually help the
formerly-chubby victims of bullies lose weight and maintain
weight loss.


In 2010, researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa,
Rutgers University, and the University of Pennsylvania, including
Janet Latner with the Department of Psychology at the first,  
examined how people who have experienced bullying or
stigmatization for their weight (and who thus have a fear of
being fat) succeeded with weight loss and weight management.  
The study focused on 185 patients in six months of obesity

After treatment, participants lost an average of 16.4% of their
starting body weight.  Most importantly, the numbers revealed
that participants with “Higher initial BMI and more stigmatizing
experiences predicted greater weight maintenance after 6
months in treatment.”  

While most of us wouldn’t wish the taunts of children or the
slaps from media about body shape or weight on our worst
enemies (fine, maybe on our worst), this research suggests a
silver lining.  

As the authors of this study conclude, “It should be the goal of
researchers and clinicians to try to reduce the stigmatization of
obesity in our society, and to replace it with more positive
incentives for achieving healthy weight.”  In the meantime,
however, we could all be inspired by the "Blubber" who
bloomed into Kate Winslet.

Extreme Diets: Kate’s Early Mistake.  Between the calls of
Blubber and the ridiculous thin standards that Kate thought she
had to meet to make it big in the movies, in her later teens Kate
became, as she describes it, “addicted to losing weight.”  And,
she adds, she “went too far.”  

Winslet used over-the-counter drugs, particularly laxatives, and
reportedly existed on nothing but apples, raw carrots and black

While Kate did get her weight down to a slim 140 pounds, she
only stopped the diet after passing out “regularly.”  Such
extreme measures are in no way healthy for the short term or
the long term.  In addition to the problems that Kate faced, a
report from a patient in 2011 shows that similar methods of
“weight loss” could go as far as to induce acute kidney injury, a
condition that can be fatal.

One such case involved a female patient examined by Gioacchino
Li Cavoli and colleagues at the Division of Nephrology and
Dialysis at the Civic and Di Cristina Hospital in Palermo, Italy.   

The 36 year old woman had a history of binge/purge eating, as
well as taking daily laxatives and other over-the-counter drugs
without prescriptions.  She suffered a long list of ugly-sounding
conditions, including peripheral edema, severe lactic acidosis,
renal failure, hyponatremia, and hypokalemia.  The patient was
treated with fluid replacement therapy which did restore normal
kidney function.  The team concludes that the patient’s
“strategy” of abusing and misusing several weight loss methods
at once allowed her to suffer from so many conditions at once.  

More than a decade after Winslet’s own experience with
extreme dieting, and now on a healthy, smart weight plan,
Winslet knows how lucky she was to have gotten out of that
dangerous phase unharmed:  “Luckily, I was strong enough to
be able to say to myself, “What are you doing? You are just
really hungry.”    There’s losing weight, and then there’s losing
perspective of what a healthy, fit body means.  

The Early Twenties: A Crucial Time for Women to Establish
Healthy Habits.

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