Meet our Fitness Experts

Daniela Melton, Certified Personal Trainer, A.C.E.

Our Senior Fitness Editor is Daniela Melton. Daniela has been a
Certified Personal Trainer, A.C.E., for over 14 years. Born in
Germany, Daniela is an American who has become a highly
sought-after trainer with a passionate client base in the U.S.,
Argentina and other countries.  Daniela has trained diplomats, CEO's,
health professionals and people from all walks of life. In fact, we at
Collectivewizdom first learned of Daniela when our Editorial Board
chair fiercely outbid others to "win" a training session with Daniela at
a charity auction to benefit underprivileged children in Buenos Aires,

We asked Daniela questions to understand her philosophy of fitness

What motivates you as a trainer?

" I love the smile on the face of a person when they reach their goals
or surpass them. Fitness is a great confidence builder; they realize
they are capable of all that seemed impossible at first and much, much

What are the most common mistakes people
make when they're starting to get active?

"I  think people often try to make too many lifestyle changes at once.
Setting short term goals and making changes one at a time makes it
easier to stick to a program.  

Many people quit because its just too overwhelming. For example:  
Do some kind of activity everyday even if you don't have an entire
hour to train or can't get to the gym. Do something that gets you a
bit out of breath- even if its only ten minutes. Staying consistent is
extremely important to achieving your fitness goals."

What kinds of exercises do you recommend for
women and men  in their 30's and 40's versus
people over 50?:

"They should all be working on the same modalities in my opinion.
Strength, cardio, flexibility, coordination, agility and balance (very
important to prevent falls later on in life), benefit people of all age
groups.  I tell my clients --- some of them in their 70's and training
like "30" year olds --- "don't put yourself in a box according to your
age". So long as they train safe and pain free in their own range of
motion and capability- we are good to go! "

How often do I have to exercise before it
becomes a "habit"?  

"It depends. Most people will start to feel the benefits of exercise
before they
see them on the body. When a person makes the
connection to feeling better overall, having more energy, sleeping
better at night  etc. to their exercise routine, they will naturally
become more consistent with their exercise habits."
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

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