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Diabetes Taking Over as One of the
World's Top Killer Diseases
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Last updated February 13, 2017 (originally published
February 21, 2008)

By Susan M. Callahan, Associate Editor and   Featured

The World Health Organization has announced that diabetes
is threatening to become the world's most deadly disease.
Diabetes, defined as the body's inability to process sugars,
surpassed HIV-AIDS and malaria on the  world's top killer
list.  It trails only cancer on the killer disease list.

The WHO found that 171 million people had diabetes in
2000. It estimates that 366 million will have developed
diabetes by 2030.  


The number of cases of diabetes in 2014 has already passed
422 million, according to the WHO. That means the earlier
projections were not pessimistic enough.]

India, China and the U.S. have the most diabetes-related
deaths, followed by Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Russia,
Brazil, Italy and Bangladesh.

Each year, an estimated 3.2 million people worldwide die
from complications from diabetes.  In 2006, 2.9 million died
from AIDs, the highest year on record and 1 million died
from malaria.  Cancer still kills more --between 8 and 12
million worldwide--but diabetes deaths are climbing fast.

Diabetes is a cruel, indiscriminate killer, striking in the prime
of life and in retirement.

In developed countries most people with diabetes are above
the age of retirement. In developing countries those most
frequently affected are in the middle, productive years of
their lives, aged between 35 and 64.

There are 2 types of diabetes, Type I, is genetic, and occurs
when the body turns against itself, killing its own cells in the
pancreas, and destroying its ability to produce insulin.

Insulin is necessary to life.  It is the body's way of breaking
down sugars for the body's use.  Think of it as a natural
predator of sugar --like a wolf and a deer.  Without it, sugar
floats around in the blood.   Too many deer in the forest
mean too few wolves.  Hence, one way to tell if you are
diabetic is simply to measure how much sugar you have
floating around in your blood. Too much sugar floating
around means that you don't have enough insulin.   

This is the reason that all Type I diabetics must inject insulin
every day.  

The second form of diabetes, Type II, is an acquired,
preventable disease. It occurs when the cells that are
supposed to hold insulin stop admitting insulin through the
door.  The cells become stubborn doormen holding "No
admittance signs".  Hence insulin never makes it into the cells
to tackle blood sugar.  As a result, again, too much sugar
floats around.

How do your cells become stubborn doormen?  Our life
styles are the reason. Too many calories from excess sugar
and fat cause fat to line the stomach-- dramatically increasing
the stubborness of our cells. They become insulin-resistant.
We develop diabetes.

Fortunately, Type II diabetes can be prevented.  Here's a
game plan:

1. Eat green.

2. Move. Walk at least 30 minutes to an hour each day.

3. Fiber. Fiber-rich diets greatly reduce your risk of
contracting diabetes.

4. Glycemic Index. Low-glycemic foods have the magical
quality of not raisng your blood sugar.

Remember that CollectiveWizdom has started a campaign to
rename diabetes. We've proposed  a new word for diabetes.

Let's call this killer what it is.

Let's call it Death-abetes.

Want to help us raise the consciousness of the world about
diabetes. Join the Death-abetes campaign. Send this article to
a friend, to your congressman, to your doctor!

Find out more about diabetes, how to prevent it or manage
:  Ideal Breakfast for Diabetics / Ideal Dinner for Diabetics /Glycemic
Foods Index / Does Drinking Coffee Affect Diabetes

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