Breast Implants and High Blood Pressure
---Know Your Risks
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November 19, 2009, last updated October 13, 2013

By  Susan Callahan, Health Editor and  staff of CollectiveWizdom

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Does high blood pressure affect your recovery from breast
implant surgery? If you have high blood pressure, should
you avoid breast implants? A new study suggests that
women with high blood pressure in fact do have cause to
worry if they are considering breast implants.

The study was conducted in 2008 by the Department of
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Memorial Sloan-
Kettering Cancer Center in New York.  The study involved
1170 reconstructive breast implant surgeries performed on
889 women with breast cancer.

What the researchers found was startling. Women with
high blood pressure experienced failed breast implant
surgeries or complications from breast implant surgery
(including death) at
twice the rate of women without high
blood pressure.  That’s a staggering difference.

What You Should Do

Clearly, you should try to get your high blood pressure
under control before undergoing breast implants.

In addition to evaluating the risk that women who had
breast expansive or implantation surgery would develop
complications, the study also evaluated whether these
women would experience "failure" after the surgeries,
meaning the surgery would need to be reversed or redone.

The study discovered that women with hypertension
experienced a failure rate that is 4 times higher than
women without high blood pressure.  Obesity was an even
greater risk factor of breast surgery failure. Obese women
experienced a 7 times higher rate of failure than women of
normal weight.

In addition to moderate exercise, such as
daily walking,
you should also eat
foods that reduce blood pressure.
Another promising new tip is the use of special
techniques that lower high blood pressure.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness has also been found
to be as effective in lowering your blood pressure as

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