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Benefits of Masturbation
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September 31, 2008, Last Updated August 3, 2011
By Sarah Ott and Robert Redman

Because masturbation is a practice that occurs in all cultures and  
throughout history, it can be thought of as one of the four keys to
physical and emotional health: sleep, diet, exercise and sex.  Each of the
4 must be in balance for you to achieve physical and emotional health.
Too little or too much of any of the Big 4 sets up up for a health crisis.
Research has shown that
too little sleep leads to weight gain, too little
good food and proper exercise leads to
obesity which leads to heart
disease, diabetes and erectile dysunction, too little sexual release leads to
frustration and the build of seminal fluids which can raise the risk of
prostate cancer.

And therein lies the key.  Balance. If masturbation becomes a means to
escape from the harder job of developing a whole relationship with
another human being, the imbalance leads to
isolation, which is a pre-
condition to many forms of mental illness and distress.  

So, enjoy, but keep your pursuit of The Solitary Pleasure in balance with
your pursuit of better quality relationships, better quality diet (
foods which by the way improve erectile performance) and  better
quality sleep.

Masturbation Facts

  • 95-98% of men and 56-89% of women have masturbated at some
    point in their lives, according to a 1993 study by researchers Janus
    and Janus and a 2002 study by researchers Pinkerton, Bogart

  • Male college students reported masturbating an average of 4 times
    per week, 12 times per month

  • Female college students reported masturbating a little more than 1
    time per week, 4.7 times per month

  • African Americans report masturbating fewer than whites,
    averaging 62% at some time in their lives, compared with 98% of
    white males, in a 2002 study by researchersRobinson, Bockting, &

  • Of those who live with a sexual partner, 85% of men still
    masturbate and 45% of women continue to masturbate, according
    to a 1994 study by researchers
Laumann, Gagnon, Michael and Michaels.

Now, you know exactly1/2 of what you need to know about erectile
health. Here are the other tips
:  Erectile Dysfunction is Linked to
Diabetes/ Why Men Masturbate / Are Humans the Only Animals That

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