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Sleep Deprivation Linked to Heart Attack and

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April 20, 2008, Updated April 17, 2010
By Susan M. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Had a bad night's sleep? If you are like most Americans, the
answer is yes. The annual
Sleep Study for 2008 showed that most
Americans are chronically sleep-deprived. But aside from the
usual problems that chronic sleepiness cause, now there are fresh
concerns. It turns out, that a bad night's sleep may be one of teh
biggest threats to your health.

Getting too little sleep and having trouble falling to sleep or
staying asleep have been linked to heart  disease in a handful of
studies. How is a bad night's sleep linked to heart disease?

The link is
inflammation.  Lack of sleep seems to promote
low-level inflammation throughout the body. And this sort of
low-level inflammation is exactly the kind of irritant that experts
now believe sets us up for clogged arteries, heart attacks and
strokes. Article continues below.

A team led by Harvard researchers looked at the effect of both
sleeplessness and interrupted sleep on C-reactive protein (CRP),
an important sign of inflammation.

In one experiment, they kept 10 healthy volunteers awake for 88
hours straight. In another, they let some volunteers sleep for
eight hours a night during a 10-day period and allowed others
only four hours of sleep a night. CRP levels increased dramatically
in both groups of sleep-deprived folks.

Snoring has also been linked to sleeplessness, inflammation, heart
disease and stroke. Snoring that is so severe and so disruptive it
interrupts your breathing (called obstructive sleep apnea), could
be a link between sleeplessness and inflammation.  Snorers with
obstructive sleep apnea tend to have intense inflammation in their
airways and throughout their bodies. Other studies have shown
that combating sleep apnea by wearing a mask that delivers
slightly pressurized oxygen to the nose and mouth while sleeping
eases this inflammation. It also tends to lower blood pressure.

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tips to help you stop snoring:

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