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7 Healthy Salads for the Week--
September 20 through September
27 | 365 Salads

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September 20, 2010
By Muireann Prendergast, Contributing Columnist

Everyone should eat a salad a day. Why? Here are a few of
the reasons.  A 2006 UCLA School of Public Health study
found that those who eat a daily salad have noticeably
higher levels of vitamins C, E, B6, and folic acid—crucial
nutrients in promoting a healthy immune system and
reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and other
chronic illnesses, than those who do not.

That’s not enough for you? Well, here’s another reason. A
2004 Pennsylvania State University study found that
women given a large salad before meals ate 100 calories
less during their main meal and when repeated daily over a
period of a year this could mean a weight reduction of 10

Eating a salad every day for 2 weeks will help to make it a
health habit. And research has found that , more than any
other single factor, it is the dozens of “habits” that we
follow without thinking that have the biggest impact on our
long-term health. Habits like walking fast rather than slow,
taking the stairs rather than the elevator and sticking to a
pattern of eating healthy that add years to our lives.

Salads are bulky, and  nutrient dense, so they help to keep
you feeling full longer after lunch or dinner. They also have
fewer calories per pound of food, so you end up taking in
just a bit less each day. That little bit less adds up over the
course of a month or year. By just adding a salad a day,
you will find that your weight management will take less

Problem is, most of us run out of salad ideas. Bored, and
unsure of which salads to try, we are tempted to give up
and run back to old habits of eating.

To help you, we've put together  7  Salads, one per day,  
for September 20 through September 27:

September 20- The Caprese Salad of the Day Relies on The
Trusty Tomato

So where do you start? Amidst all the options out there, a
good place to begin is with a trusted basic ingredient and
there is no salad ingredient more tried and trusted than the
tomato. With origins traced back to the Aztecs of 700 A.D,
history leads us to believe that the tomato was native to
the Americas and later came to Europe around the 16th
century. Since then the tomato has been a salad staple the
world over. Studies show that this is with good reason. A
2010 Ohio State University, among many others, noted the
high levels of the antioxidant, Lycopene, in the tomato and
that this particular anti-oxidant has cancer-prevention
qualities. A 2006 Italian study pointed out the tomatoes
anti-inflammatory qualities when consumed regularly. A
2008 UK study even found that eating five tomatoes a day
provided skin protection against sunburn and premature

Is there a more delicious way to start the week than with a
Caprese Salad? Yes, there is, with a low fat Caprese Salad,
so that the health potential of the ingredients is fully
optimized. This lunch time

Slice four ripe tomatoes and a pound of low-fat mozzarella

Add Basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, pepper and sea salt
to taste.  

A Finnish study published in 2005 revealed the critical role
played by cheese in the formation of bone density and
bone strength. It commented that one ounce of low-fat
mozzarella cheese provides 18.3% of our daily calcium
requirements along with 13.1% of our phosphorus
requirements. A 2005 National Dairy Council study found
that Mozzarella cheese can help to prevent tooth decay.
The health benefits of basil are also worth noting. A 2003
Bulgarian study found that basil has strong anti-bacterial
qualities due to its volatile oils.

September 21 – The Avocado & Tomato Salad

The avocado was also first used by the Aztecs. Historical
studies say that it was used in Mexico around 10,000 BC
and that the word avocado comes from the Aztec word
"ahuacatl.” Avocado and tomato salad is light yet great
treat at lunch time or as an accompaniment to a main meal.

Cut three avocados and three tomatoes in cubes and put
them in a bowl.

Add extra virgin olive oil and sea salt to taste.

The avocado is not only a historical fruit, it is also
nutritious. A 2005 study carried out by the University of
California found that the carotenoids and tocopherols of
avocados inhibited the growth of both androgen-
dependent and androgen-independent prostate cancer
cells. 1996 Mexican study revealed that a manosaturated
fat called oleic acid found in Avocados may help to lower
cholesterol. A 2000 Japanese study also found that
avocado could help against liver damage.

September 22 - Moroccan Tomato Salad

Today we will travel to the part of the world where Spain
meets Africa for a salad with something new-- the
Moroccan Tomato Salad.

Peel and cut one pound of tomatoes.

Chop three spring onions and mix it with the tomatoes,
adding some dill.

Chop some garlic and add it to the mix

Add some black pepper and sea salt to taste.

In a separate bowl mix extra virgin olive oil, red wine
vinegar and some lemon zest. Then pour this over the salad.

For an added touch add the spice of your choice. Ground
cumin is a good choice.

This salad is not only different but extremely nutritious. A
2006 Italian study found that onions and garlic, when
incorporated regularly into a diet, can help to reduce
common cancers. The US-based Nurses Health Study
carried out between 1984 and 1992 found that women
who consumed the kaempferol compound found in onions
had a 40% reduced risk of ovarian cancer,

Cumin also has great nutritional value. Since ancient times,
cumin has been a staple of Eastern and Middle Eastern
Cuisine due to its health properties which traditionally
include maintaining a healthy digestive system and
balanced blood levels, due to its high iron content.

September 23 –Fresh Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Think of today's salad as an "essential". It's a cleansing
salad you can use as a curative for any guilt you may be
feeling if you've slippe dup and had one too many French
fries so far this week.  

The Fresh Tomato and Cucumber Salad can be one of the
more straightforward salads around. However, with a little
imagination, it can become the star of your lunch or dinner

Slice three cucumbers finely and chop three large tomatoes
into cubes. Put them together and sprinkle with sea salt.
Pass 3 or 4 cloves of garlic through a garlic press. Then let
it sit in a mixture of wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar for
10-15 minutes to dull its sharp taste.

Then chop as many oregano and basil leaves as you see fit
and leave them in olive oil while the garlic sits.

Finally, combine the mixtures with the vinegar and olive oil
together and drizzle over the tomatoes and cucumber.

Cucumber is a salad gem. Not only is it a versatile vegetable
but its unique flavor makes it a great addition to many
salads. It also offers many health benefits. Ongoing
Japanese studies are exploring its positive effects on the
intestinal tract. Studies to formulate the DASH (Dietary
Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet carried out by The
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute found that
cucumber could help lower blood pressure.

September 24 – Tomato, Tuna & Lemon Juice Salad

Tuna is one of the richest sources of protein around and
also an excellent source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and
DHA, protein, potassium, selenium, and vitamin B12. It is a
very good source of niacin and phosphorus. The
Cardiovascular Health Cognition Study carried out between
1991 and 1999 by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate
School of Public Health found that the consumption of fatty
fish like tuna more than twice per week was associated
with a 28% reduction in risk of dementia and 41%
reduction in risk Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to those
who ate fish less than once per month. A study carried out
by Harvard Medical School found that the Omega 3 fatty
acids found in fish can be linked to a reduced risk of age-
related macular degeneration.

So, for all these reasons or because it’s simply delicious,
treat yourself to a tuna and lemon salad today.

Chop two tomatoes and cover them with a can of tuna fish,
drained of its oils.

Drizzle with olive oil and add some chopped garlic.

Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the salad.

Add sea salt and black pepper to taste.

September 25 – Wholemeal Pasta Salad with Tomatoes

Is there anything better than a pasta salad with fresh
tomatoes on a lazy Saturday?

In your largest bowl mix 5 or 6 chopped tomatoes, with
one chopped onion, garlic, salt and lime juice if you wish.
Let the mixture stand for an hour.

Then boil a packet of wholemeal pasta according to the
instructions on the packet.

When pasta is ready pour it over the pasta. Sprinkle with
parmesan to taste.

Replacing ordinary pasta with the wholemeal variety is a
great way to increase your fiber intake. A 2010 study
carried out by The University of Illinois found that soluble
fiber has numerous positive benefits on the body including
the capacity to reduce the inflammation associated with
obesity-related diseases as well as strengthening the
immune system.

September 26 – Tomato Chicken Salad

Even if you are trying to control your weight or generally
eat more healthily, Sunday is a great day to treat yourself.
With a tomato chicken salad you not only have a quick,
delicious salad but you can treat yourself without breaking
your health pledge.

Mix lemon juice, the herbs and spices of your choice, sea
salt and pepper with a cup of non fat, plain yogurt.

Fold in a kilo (2.2 pounds) of chopped, cooked chicken,
one sliced onion and pepper into the mix.

Finally add in the chopped tomatoes.

Did you know that chicken is one of the best sources of
food-based protein? A study published by Harvard Medical
School in 1993 found that the protein in chicken could help
people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in that it
reduced their pain and swelling significantly. A further
study carried out by the Chicago Health and Aging Project
in 2004 found that people who consumed sufficient
amounts of the B vitamin niacin, found in high quantities in
chicken, were 70% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and
other age related degenerative diseases. So, not only is
tomato chicken salad tasty but it could help you maintain
your body and mind healthy well into old age.

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